Vitamin Puff


Even with the wide array of foods we have available today, getting all of the vitamins our bodies need to function at their highest capacity can be a real challenge. One of the most difficult vitamins to get enough of in your diet alone is also one of the most important – vitamin B12.

Thankfully, there’s now an innovative way to ensure that you get the vitamin B12 that you need every day in a method that is proven to be effective and quite enjoyable at the same time.

A number of peer-reviewed studies show that inhaling vitamin B12 is one of the most effective ways to get this important nutrient into your bloodstream. In fact, these studies show immediate absorption of the vitamin after just one inhalation.

Since your body only needs minute amounts of vitamin B12 each day, inhalation is an efficient means of delivery, enabling you to get the recommend dose after just 10-20 puffs on a vitamin B12 vape. Finally, since vitamin B12 is not affected by the heat of a vapor coil, it is an ideal vitamin for inhalation.

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